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Kyro Gin 46.3°

Kyro Gin 46.3° - 50cl

We know that the Netherlands, England, France and Italy are gin regions... But a new country has just joined this closed circle: Finland!

And this, thanks to the Kyrö distillery, which has been smoking for several years... It was in a sauna that the idea was born: a group of friends decided to open their own distillery. Originally, it only produced whiskey, from whole rye. Then she also turns to gin.

The result of this turnaround is: a delicious gin made from Finnish rye and 17 wild plants growing in Finland. These include Frozen, birch leaves and lingonberries.

And success is there, both among the general public and among the most demanding professionals, since this gin won a Gold medal at the International World Spirits Competition in San Francisco in 2015.

Its scents of juniper, genepi and pine, its notes of lychee, verbena and spices will leave you with a lasting memory...

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