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Akashi Ginjo Umeshu 14° - 50cl

Akashi Ginjo Umeshu 14° - 50cl

A Japanese umeshu plum liqueur, prepared on a base of Ginjo sake. A 6-month maceration is necessary before the fruit is removed, then it is aged for 2 years in vats. A very pretty liqueur, with notes of dried fruits, and of course, plum. The palate is creamy, the plum aromas are marked, but it remains fresh.

About the brewery: Akashi Sake Brewery was established by the Yonezawa Family in 1856. It is located in Akashi, a coastal city in the southwest of Japan, in Hyogo Prefecture, one of the largest sake producing regions. most famous in Japan. Famous for its fish market whose origins date back around 400 years, Akashi's emblem is the sea bream, much appreciated for its finesse. Each of the Akashi-Tai sakes reflects the Yonezawa family's ongoing commitment to exceptional sakes, produced from local ingredients, as close as possible to nature.

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