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Bitter Gentiane Grandmont 32°

Bitter Gentiane Grandmont 32° - 70cl

Inspired by a place steeped in history, the Grandmont Distillery re-invents ancient alcohols, creating forgotten spirits in an artisanal way, combining the excellence of men and their living know-how.

Bringing to life the intensity of authentic gentian, Amer Gentiane offers freshness and aromatic complexity by highlighting the floral intensity of wild gentian, all enhanced by fruity, spicy and vegetal notes.

Nose: delicate, it reveals the floral intensity of wild gentian, balanced by fruity notes (raspberry)

Mouth: Round and full, it brings intense and transcribed bitter aromas: those of the grassy radiance of the gentian root but also of angelica

Finale: the tension which runs through the entire aromatic framework finds the balance offered by the floral freshness (vine flower & cardamom). An elegance with a rare intensity, under the cover of citrus fruits.

Composition: water, organic grain alcohol, sugar, 25-year-old wild gentian, wild or natural plants and fruits.

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