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The history of André L.68/72 Cognac and the history of André Porchet

Cognac d'André L.68/72 comes from the André Porchet vineyard, located in Asnières-la-Giraud in the Fins Bois cru. Intended for all spirits lovers, this Cognac is a demonstration of balance and complexity. The alcohol is well melted, giving way to the fruits and spices.

This magnificent Cognac d'André L.68/72 is the fruit of the work of André Porchet representing the 6th generation of his family. Gaëlle, André's youngest daughter, allowed us to select this very special cognac from the family cellar at the bottom of Fins Bois.

Gaëlle studied at the Lycée Agricole de l'Oisellerie, near Angoulême, where Jean Pasquet and Gaëlle were both BTS VITI-OENO students. At the end of our studies, we lost touch for several years before finally meeting again thanks to our common friendships in Charente.

Gaelle and her brother Yann, 7th generation , took over the 40 hectares of vines on the family farm. Gaelle now divides her life between her native Fins Bois and Bordeaux, where the father of her children is a talented oenologist.

The Porchets cultivate their vines with as much passion as discretion. The adage “live happy, live hidden” could be their motto. André is a reserved man and of few words. It defines itself as the link in a long chain of winegrowers. With his wife Mireille, an adopted Charentaise of Breton origin, they worked together, despite the wine crises, to make the family vineyard prosper. From their 10 hectares of vines in 1975, they were able to pass on around forty hectares to their children.

Continuously, this family has been cultivating vines since 1680 ! Even during the catastrophic years of phylloxera, there was no interruption in production. André wants to pass on and keep a family tradition of several hundred years.

The Porchets have real winemaking know-how and an authentic mastery of distillation. Until 1974, the distillery used a 10 l wood/coal still. Since then, gas has replaced coal. Since then, gas has replaced coal and today, with two additional 25 hl stills, the family distills its entire production.

This lot L.68/72 bears witness to André's first years in the vineyard. Jean Pasquet was immediately seduced by this very atypical Cognac, perfectly drinkable at a high level, a singularity in the world of Cognac.

The Porchets have a real signature. Gaëlle likes to say that "it smells like home", as if the scent of this beautiful eau-de-vie always takes her back to that place, wherever she is. The blend of different vintages was composed in the 1980s and has not been modified to this day.

Color: Amber

Nose: Passion fruit, spices, herbal teas, cinnamon, brioche

Taste: Passion fruit, flambéed banana, spices, honey, plum jam

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