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Pasquet L'Organic VS Cognac is the epitome of what a cognac of this quality should be. The core terroir of the Grande Champagne region is evident in the finesse of this blend, and Pasquet's characteristic commitment to all things organic is once again present in this lively addition.

The Pasquet cognac house is a leader in the production of organic cognac. If the vines on which they work have existed since 1730, it was in the 1990s, after 22 years of conventional practice by Jean-Luc Pasquet, that a shift towards an organic future took place. Since achieving Organic Farming status in 1998, Pasquet has not looked back, continuing to make small-batch cognacs that embody natural beauty and balance.

Sourced from this entirely organic process and made only from grapes grown in Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne, Pasquet L'Organic VS encapsulates a range of flavors and atmospheres that make it versatile and refreshing. On the nose, it begins frank and intense, with notes of white fruits, oak and citrus. On the palate, the dominant taste is formed from grape and grapefruit, resulting in a beautiful blend of sophistication and freshness. The color is a cheerful golden yellow, a perfect summer look for the cognac's vibrant personality.

For those who enjoy the crisp taste of a VS cognac, Pasquet L'Organic VS is best consumed neat. You might also consider dropping in an ice cube or two to release subtle, elevated flavors. And, of course, one of many's favorite methods is to enjoy a VS like this with a blender - a truly refreshing drink on a hot day. Finally, for any adventurous cognac connoisseurs, this pristine eau-de-vie from Pasquet is sure to make an exciting cocktail base.

Pasquet L'Organic VS was awarded at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2015, where it received a silver medal in the Spirits Selection category.

For a premium cognac with lots of flavor and an eco-friendly heart, look no further than Pasquet L'Organic VS.

Color : beautiful yellow gold

Nose : frank, intense, very fruity - white fruits, oak wood, and citrus notes

Mouth : grape and grapefruit, very persistent

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