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Gin “Bleu de Limoges” 41°

Gin “Bleu de Limoges” 41° - 50cl

Bleu de Limoges pays homage to the “four blue” of Limousin porcelain, but takes its color from the infusion of the Southeast Asian flower Clitoria or blue pea. On contact with quinine contained in most tonics, its azure blue becomes purple. The label also changes color depending on the light. Sixteen ingredients from the four corners of the world offer a delicate citrus nose. The rounded palate oscillates between the power of peppers, heady flowers and a lemony sweetness. Very fragrant and harmonious, you will taste it pure to appreciate the richness of the aromas, but with tonic, you will amaze the gallery!

French Booze Project was born at the end of a world tour which lasted seven years by Laurent Mandon. He chose to create spirits in order to share tastes, cultures and traditions, but above all his travel memories and an art of living. The distillery is located in Pierre-Buffière, near Limoges. Its three gins were each rewarded with a gold medal at the Frankfurt International Trophy and the Concours international de Lyon 2021. Hats off, the artist!

Nose : Very floral, fresh.

Mouth : Peppery notes and lavender

Finish : Aromatic plants, peppery and fruity

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