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LA FABRIQUE n°07 Arranged Rum Kent Mango & Pineapple Victoria 32° 70 cl

LA FABRIQUE n°07 Arranged Rum Kent Mango & Victoria Pineapple 32°

Arranged rum is a West Indian tradition from sailors. They incorporated certain fruits into alcohol in order to preserve them during their travels.

La Fabrique de l'Arrangé arranged rum is a beautiful marriage between the sweetness of Kent mango and the generosity of Victoria pineapple.
This recipe is made from mature fruits and selected spices. AOC Martinique agricultural rum guarantees a taste experience rich in flavors.

It was in 2014 that Mathieu Tricoche and Sébastien Dutkiewicz imagined and developed La Fabrique de l'Arrangé. The latter offers a wide range of high quality rums.

Located in Ile-de-France, near the Rungis market, the workshop is supplied daily with perfectly ripe fruit. Six years later, the Holmex group, owner of the Distillerie du Simon (the first agricultural distillery in Martinique) bought the company. New manufacturing workshops are built, a new commercial dynamic is put in place and the visual identity is redesigned.

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