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LA OKINAWA 14% 50cl

Okinawa is a traditional liqueur from the subtropical region of Japan: Okinawa. Fresh juice of Shikuwasa, an Okinawan lemon, is blended with fructose syrup to create a supple and aromatic product. Shikuwasa has been consumed by the local population for many years. Given its health benefits and importance in Okinawan culinary culture, it is widely believed that this fruit contributes greatly to the legendary longevity of the island's inhabitants. It is very popular in Asia for its very distinct taste from other types of lemon. If Shikuwasa is found everywhere on the island, even in the gardens of village houses, Shikuwasa juice is difficult to find outside of Okinawa. Enjoy with an ice cube, tonic or as a cocktail base.

Enjoy with an ice cube, tonic or as a cocktail base

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