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Terroirs : Decomposed schists and black marls, facing south

Viticulture : manual harvest, soil maintenance by plowing and use of compost on the row.

Vinification : Mutage on grains followed by maceration for 30 days to extract the material (aroma, polyphenols) contained in the berries and thus obtain a beautiful balanced structure between fruit, alcohol and sugar.

Aging : one year in glass carboys placed outside, followed by 27 years in 350 hl oak barrels. This particularly long aging, a true signature of Mas Amiel, allows the wine to acquire great maturity of aromas and structure.

Tasting : Its intense notes of chocolate and fresh figs come with a dazzling finish of peppermint. The palate is surprising, both for its frank and powerful attack and for its astonishing acidity for a wine of this age.

Food & wine pairing : This thirty-five year old wine reveals astonishing youthful characters promising very long aging. It is enjoyed with Comté cheese or with desserts made from chocolate and dried fruits. Open an hour before and decant at 15°C.

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