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OCTOMORE 12.1 59.8% 167 PPM 70 CL

OCTOMORE 12.1 59.8% 167 PPM 70 CL

The most powerful Single Malt of the new 2021 series from Octomore Ochdamh-mòr, this 12.1 edition presents the most beautiful duality between delicacy and power. A heavy, pure and balanced smoke with a lively, powerful and dynamic whisky, which also leaves room for fruity and floral notes.

Head Distiller Adam Hannett aged this Octomore 12.1 edition only in ex-American whiskey barrels for 5 years. It is a reference edition compared to the following issues .2 and .3. The younger a whiskey is, the more impressive its peat will be. Octomore 12.1 presents 130.8 PPM*.

The stripped-down maturation profile allows for a tasting that highlights the cereal-rich malty notes of this barley-based Single Malt. Vanilla, citrus and fudge culminate in an exceptional challenge from one of the most peaty whiskeys in the world.

-Made from 100% Scottish barley (Concerto variety) and Islay spring water.
-2015 vintage made from barley harvested in 2014.
-Not cold filtered and without added caramel coloring.
-12th edition of this series.

* PPM - parts per million - of phenolic compounds, measure the impact of oily peat smoke which is deposited on germinated barley as it dries. The longer this time, the greater the ppm value.


Color: light gold.

Nose: opens with zesty citrus freshness and earthy peat smoke. Vanilla and candy cane cake with a rich malt sweetness. Coconut and chocolate, vanilla and caramel follow and as the flavors open up, delicately charred caramel and layers of peat smoke and honey come to the fore.

Taste: peppery and sweet, with a warm, golden syrup texture. Honey and peat smoke then burnt oak chips and peated apricot jam. Another sip brings malty notes of barley sugar and straw, heather flower and a sweetness of hazelnut nougat. A mineral and sandy note is found on the palate and brings a dry phenolic earthy smoke and notes of orange zest and pear drops.

Finish: the finish brings salted caramel with floral and herbaceous notes. Honeysuckle, primrose then sweet peat smoke, as always, the note that drifts the longest.

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