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OCTOMORE 12.3 62.1° 70cl

OCTOMORE 12.3 62.1° 70cl

The barley from which edition 12.3 is made comes from the Octomore farm, grown by James Brown. The barley was then distilled just 3 kilometers from where it was grown.
Octomore 12.3 is a single malt renowned for being one of the most peaty in the world with 118.1 ppm. Made from 100% barley from the Octomore farm on the island of Islay (Concerto variety) and Islay spring water. 2015 vintage made from barley harvested in 2014. Aging for 5 years: 75% in first-fill American whiskey barrels, 25% in first-fill sherry barrels (Jerez bodega Fernando de Castilla).


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