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Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 45°

Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 50cl - 45°

Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 50cl is a premium gin highly sought after by gin lovers around the world. It is a product of Panda Gin, a brand that has made a name for itself in the highly competitive gin market.

Made in Belgium

The gin is made in Belgium, a country known for producing some of the best gins in the world. The distillery where Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 50cl is made uses traditional methods to create a smooth and refined taste that has nothing to envy of other gins.

The gins are made in Belgium.

A unique blend of flavors

When it comes to taste, Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 50cl has a unique blend of flavors that sets it apart from other gins. The first taste is sweet, followed by a juniper flavor that gives way to floral notes and ends with a hint of spiciness. This is a complex flavor profile that will grab the attention of your taste buds.

An inviting fragrance

The smell of this gin is equally impressive. You can expect to smell fresh botanicals like coriander and angelica, as well as citrus notes of orange peel and verbena. The scent is refreshing and inviting, making it the perfect gin for any occasion.

A rare and unique gin

A fun fact about Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 50cl is that it takes its name from the giant panda, an animal known for its unique and rare properties. Just like the panda, this gin is rare and unique, making it a must-have for any gin lover.

Made with high quality plants

To produce Panda Gin Limited Edition 2022 50cl, the distillers use a blend of high quality botanicals from around the world. These are handpicked to ensure that only the finest ingredients end up in this exceptional gin. The distillation process takes place in small batches to ensure consistency and quality in each bottle.

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