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Park XO Cigar Blend Cognac 40°

Park XO Cigar Blend Cognac 40° - 70cl

Cognac Park is well known for creating a unique and wide variety of Cognacs, with a diverse range of vintages and eaux-de-vie. This particular XO, aged for at least 10 years, was designed with your favorite cigar in mind, offering a complex collection of flavors that pair perfectly with a Cuban, delighting your palate in the process.

Also known as Cognac Park Vieille Fine Champagne, it is made from 70% Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie and 30% Petite Champagne in a delicate balance of all the best qualities that both regions have to offer. to offer. It is a powerful and robust blend, with eaux-de-vie distilled exclusively from Ugni Blanc grapes.

Each step of the creation process has been carefully evaluated and adapted in order to create a Cognac that works well when sipped with a cigar (especially Honduran). From the fresh element of choice in the Ugni Blanc grape variety, to the medium toast which allows the more spicy and chocolatey notes to perfume the palate.

The Cigar Blend spent 12 months in new barrels before being transferred to older traditional Limousin oak barrels, producing a wonderfully woody and spicy character. This is not the only traditional aspect of its production however, the experts at Maison Park have also distilled this Cognac in copper stills using the "Charentaise method".

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