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RUM BIELLE BDF 2014 56.9% 70 CL

RUM BIELLE BDF 2014 56.9% 70 CL

This delicious agricultural rum waited 7 years before being exhumed from its barrel and seeing the light! Its island of origin: Marie-Galante , a terroir made popular by the Bielle brand.

If it was therefore placed in Bourbon barrels in 2014 , then in ex-sweet white wine barrels, it has just been extracted in this year 2021, in order to be bottled as is, without reduction. This is therefore what we call a “ Brut de cask ”.


Color: A beautiful amber color, tending towards red.

Nose: Notes of citrus, vanilla, white wine and coconut intertwine harmoniously, before evolving towards a more pastry register (tarte tatin).

Mouth: On the palate, it is a real explosion of flavors. We recognize the bitter orange peels and baked apples jumbled together, enhanced by vanilla and cloves.

Finale: A beautiful complexity. The tasting opens with notes of lime of rare delicacy.

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