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TEELING Single Grain 46% 70cl

TEELING Single Grain 46% 70cl

Distilled from corn and wheat in column stills, Teeling Single Grain is a whiskey aged in American Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. Sweet, fruity, with notes of red fruits and grapes, it is one of the rare Irish single grains. This grain whiskey, with a beautiful deep gold hue, is characterized by its sweetness, but also its depth, and flavors of red fruits, honey, vanilla and caramel. A lovely, well-balanced Irish whiskey full of character.


Color : Deep gold.

Nose : Spices and fruit notes mingle on the nose. Lightly floral, scented with vanilla and spices.

Mouth : Creamy. Sweet spices at first developing on berries and red grapes.

Finish : Dry marked by wood and spices.

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