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Triple sec Curaçao - Grandmont Distillery - 40°

Triple sec Curaçao - Grandmont Distillery - 40% - 70cl

Triple sec Curaçao is produced by the Grandmont distillery in Haute-Vienne. She works to reinvent old alcohols in an artisanal way, knowing that the nearby city of Limoges is the historic capital of distilleries. This profile of White Curaçao is authentic with the density of citrus fruits and the liveliness of warm spices.

This spirit was rewarded in 2021 by the Brussels World Competition.

Nose : Lively, suave, notes of sweet orange, mandarin, then notes of juniper.

Taste : Sharp and structured, with a balance between sweet and bitter orange, and the lemony freshness of cardamom, slightly minty.

Finish : Long and natural, elegant. Notes of candied kumkat, bergamot, quince jelly, fresh spices.


The Grandmont distillery managed by Karim Karroum is an umbrella brand under which its products are housed. It draws heavily on the epic tale of the Grandmontains to illustrate the roots in Haute-Vienne, a guarantee of authenticity and quality, particularly through Limoges, the historic capital of distilleries. Inspired by a place steeped in history, the distillery reinvents ancient alcohols, including gentian bitters and triple sec, of very high quality.

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