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Vodka EOS 50cl 40°

Vodka EOS 50cl 40°

A vodka in the name of the goddess of dawn whose ingredients recall the gentle caress of the rays of a sunrise.

Nose : peppery and sweet

Mouth : creamy texture, neutral taste

Finish : a nice balance of peppery lemon and sweetness.

French Booze Project is a distillery with a resolutely modern spirit and open to the world. It was after years of traveling across the globe, from the peaks of the Andes to the beaches of the Philippines that the idea of ​​reconciling the flavors, cultures and ideals that make our world wonderful was born.

It is through a rigorous selection of botanicals whose charm lies in an astonishing complexity of a taste that is both familiar and unexpected, like the sweet memory of a forgotten secret, that we create spirits that will transport you to new horizons. .

“Happiness is not a destination to reach, but a way of traveling. »

French Booze Project is also a distillery with strong roots, linked to its territory and its history. It is found in particular in the “Bleu de Limoges” gin which clearly asserts itself as a product as much from the region as from the world. It is in the Melanesian myth of the tree and the canoe that we can find the essence of this state of mind which animates the most passionate among us:

“Every man is torn between two needs. The need for the Canoe, that is to say the journey, of breaking away from oneself, and the need for the Tree, that is to say, of rooting, of identity.

Men constantly wander between these two needs, sometimes giving in to one, sometimes to the other until the day they understand that it is with the Tree that we make the Canoe. »

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