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French Vodka La Philosophe Peated Version Limited Edition 40° 70cl

Artisanal and produced in limited quantities (only one annual production), LA PHILOSOPHE is an independent and French vodka! Presenting a fresh nose with citrus notes, LA PHILOSOPHE is voluptuous, gourmand and finely spicy on the palate. It is in the south west of France that the recipe for LA PHILOSOPHE was developed.

Created in 2014, LA PHILOSOPHE is the culmination of a dream shared by two friends. A clear ambition: to offer an alternative to vodka lovers and bartenders by making an authentic product that pays homage to the richness of the French terroir.

French Vodka La Philosophe Peated Version Limited Edition 40° 70cl

Carefully selected ingredients

It is the very slow dilution process, between two and three months of production, which makes the vodka so exclusive. LA PHILOSOPHE is made from wheat alcohol (French superior) and Gensac spring water, two elements with completely different characteristics. In order to achieve the best possible homogeneity between these two elements, the mixing as well as the slow reduction going from 96.4° to 40° is carried out in several stages.

An innovative design

LA PHILOSOPHE has the particularity of not undergoing any filtration and of containing no added sugars. Neither cold filtration nor activated carbon purification either. “By preserving certain secondary products from the initial fermentation, we manage to give strength to our product, while amplifying its softness in the mouth thanks to the natural fat of the alcohol. » At the end of the dilution process, a very light citrus zest, previously extracted by hand, is added. This subtle touch of citrus, much appreciated by sommeliers and bartenders, gives LA PHILOSOPHE its unique taste. For this version the vodka is refined for 12 months in barrels containing peated whiskey and all that in Charente.

Nose : fresh, citrus, fine peat.

Mouth : long and mineral, finely spicy and smoky, with a smooth, even creamy finish, reminiscent of almond milk.

Cocktail lovers will enjoy it in shorts as well as in long drinks.

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