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Whiskey Nagahama Wine Cask x Sweden Cask

Whiskey Nagahama Wine Cask x Sweden Cask - 56.2° - 50cl

Nagahama Roman Beer Co,Ltd is located in the heart of a brewery that produces beer, in Nagahama, it uses the smallest still in Japan. Its small and delicate shape, indirect steam heating method, produces rich distillates. The water, rich in minerals, is drawn from a lake on Mount Ibuki. The water that comes largely from melting snow is excellent. If the distillery currently uses malted barley from Scotland, it hopes to be able to work with local barley in the future.

  • Whiskey Nagahama Wine Cask x Sweden Cask is a blend of whiskeys aged in Tanba barrels (Japanese wine) and a small Swedish barrel (octave). Still young, it nevertheless carries promise for the future, but also immediate pleasure... Delicate, fruity, delicious. Citrus, chocolate, berries, flowers, spices.

On sale on this site, if you wish to buy it in one of our cellars, contact your wine merchant so that they can reserve it for you.

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