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Park VS Carte Blanche Cognac 40°

Park VS Carte Blanche Cognac 40° - 70cl

Cognac Park VS Carte Blanche is a wonderful example of what a young and dynamic Cognac should be. The Cognac house describes it as a choice that “underlines the uncompromising style of Cognac Park, while providing a pleasant and satisfying tasting experience”. Produced in small quantities, it is a young Cognac which charms with its natural and smooth notes.

Specializing in providing Cognacs with a clean, pure hold, this blend is typical of the house's signature style. Committed to producing artisanal cognacs - each Park creation is handcrafted in small, truly limited batches. It is thanks to this metallic tracking that the VS offers its taster a quality experience that promises ultimate satisfaction. As a VS quality base product that is versatile enough to be enjoyed in multiple ways, this is a Cognac that will please everyone.

Tasting notes

We first recognize the combined aromas of dried spring flowers, caramelized apples and macerated cherries, which open onto a structured but delicate palette for a perfectly robust and subtly peppery finish.

The honey-colored shine and clarity of this cognac testify to its purity. The VS Carte Blanche perfectly illustrates the uncompromising style of Cognac PARK.

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