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A revolution shook the whiskey category in 2020: Waterford Distillery!
Led by the famous Mark Reynier, the project put the emphasis back on barley, at the heart of the final aroma of a single malt, thanks to an ambitious triptych Terroir, Traceability and Transparency.
Inspired by the greatest winemakers and thanks to the tremendous richness of the Irish terroir, coupled with elite and avant-garde production methods, the distillery created the event with a Single Farm Origin range praised by critics like amateurs.
The expression of the complexity of a single terroir, a single farm, a single harvest... One place, one farm, at a time!

This year, Mark Reynier and his team return with a series of 3 new Single Farms, as accomplished, precise and complex as ever.

This edition was distilled from barley grown by Francis Kehoe and harvested in 2016 in County Wexford.
On his Lacken farm, which has been in the family for 4 generations, Francis can produce barley of exceptional quality thanks to the influence of the sandy, well-drained terroir that makes up his sloping field.

But for this edition, Ned Gahan, the master distiller from Waterford, went even further by composing the assembly of the barrels with the teams from La Maison du Whiskey, in a completely collaborative manner and exclusively for France.
Several months of discussions, tastings and adjustments later, we are proud to present to you this single malt of great complexity resulting from the assembly of ex-bourbon barrels, new American oak, French oak, port and marsala.
It is characterized by superb fruity notes on the nose, a gourmet, refined and suave palate thanks to flavors of cocoa, white pepper or even walnuts and grapefruit.

A unique expression of its kind, which will delight amateurs and the curious, who will also be able to know everything about its history thanks to its TEIREOIR code page on the site
Fruity and smooth. Grapefruit, cocoa, apricot.


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